Puja Laporte (left) and Jane Bryan (right)

Puja Laporte and Jane Bryan: Freedom from the fear of sexual misconduct and abuse

Words and Ideas
Thursday 25 November 2021 1pm - 7pm
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Drop in stall, talk between 5.30-5.45pm

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Suitable for all, but sensitive issues will be discussed

Constantly checking over their shoulder, second-guessing what they’re wearing, avoiding spaces like the gym… 

Some changes in behaviour are conscious, and others are so normalized, they barely register anymore. Explore what role we can play in creating a world free from the fear of sexual misconduct and abuse.

Everyone should have the right to feel safe in their day-to-day lives. Yet sexual misconduct and abuse impact the lives of millions of people. Unacceptable behaviours like unwanted sexual attention, inappropriate touching, and harassment take place every day.

Join us to raise awareness of how those who feel vulnerable to sexual misconduct often change the way they act to avoid these behaviours and explore what role we could play to create change for the better.  

Warwick Arts Centre in collaboration with Resonate Festival presents Feelings of Freedom: talks that will change the way you think about freedom.


Dr. Jane Bryan (Academic Lead) and Puja Laporte (Programme Manager) for the Community Values Education Programme (CVEP), supported by Nikita Asnani, Harry Sun, Sophie Norman, and Fay Inverarity (Student Engagement Officers).

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