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Rise Up To Reimagine

Words and Ideas
CHANGE Festival 2021
Speakers include: Izzy McLeod, Tom Ross Williams, Tuula Sharma Vassvik
Saturday 6 November 2021 2pm
Woods Scawen Room
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1 hour 30 minutes

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When do we find time to dream?

When do we really get the chance to flex our imagination and practice long term thinking, to look into the future and imagine where we could go? Or to look into the past, to reconnect with what has been lost? When do we make space to reimagine ourselves and ways we could live differently? To move into new relations, with those already around us or those who may think differently from us? When does our imagination run wild, to reimagine our environments, the places we live and the land that holds us?

In this rich, creative discussion we will hear from storytellers, futurists and diviners who can help us relearn our childlike sense of possibility and ground us in ways we can practice imagination in our everyday lives.

This discussion has been especially curated for CHANGE Festival. Speakers include Tom Ross Williams, Izzy McLeod, and Tuula Sharma Vassvik with Amisha Ghadiali as host.


Tom Ross Williams
A theatre-maker, filmmaker, performer and activist. For the last 3 years they have been developing ‘Love Letters to A Livable Future’ as a performer and deviser with Metis. For 6 years they were the Creative Director of The Advocacy Academy, a social justice organisation for young people from South London, focusing on the intersection of art and activism and the practice of co-creation. They are currently directing and  co-creating My Uncle Is Not Pablo Escobar with Latinx activists, which was performed at Paines Plough’s Roundabout this summer. 

Izzy McLeod
Izzy aka The Quirky Environmentalist  is a Renewable energy graduate, activist, and organiser who focuses mainly on sustainable fashion and the climate crisis. A lover of colour, clothes swapping, second hand, and upcycling, as well as paying garment workers living wages and working towards a better future for all.

Tuula Sharma Vassvik
Tuula is an Indigenous Sámi researcher, activist and artist working within Indigenous methodologies, Indigenization and traditional knowledge. She is currently the maker of "Vuostildanfearánat- Sámi stories of resistance" a podcast made in collaboration with the research project Arctic Silkroad (UiT). The podcast is in English to further facilitate connections with allies and other people affected by colonialism today, focusing on Sámi ways of resisting neo-colonial attacks on nature and Sámi ways of life. Tuula also works in a Sámi kindergarten in Oslo, Norway.

Hosted by Amisha Ghadiali
Amisha is a gifted facilitator, author, mentor and host of the globally acclaimed podcast The Future Is Beautiful. She is interested in where our inner and outer worlds dance. Her podcast weaves together Politics, Spirituality, Creativity and Sustainability - to inspire us each to rise up, move beyond silos and Co-Create a Beautiful Future. Her own training has included yoga teacher training, meditation teacher training, energy medicine, priestess initiation and deep time learning with mystics, teachers, swamis and nature. Amisha wrote a book called “INTUITION” during the global lockdown of 2020 which was recently published by DK Books.

The RISE UP discussion series has been created in partnership with Reboot the Future, a foundation that is helping to build a generation of people who refuse to believe that the future is foreclosed.

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