A group of small robots holding a sign saying 'Join the Robot Rebellion'.

Robot Rebellion

CHANGE Festival 2021
Saturday 6 November 12pm - Sunday 7 November 2021 6pm
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Tickets: Drop In

Robot Rebellion will be in the foyer from 12-6pm during the weekend

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Change Festival 2021


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Suitable for All

The Transformers have joined Extinction Rebellion!

They’ve cast aside ancient grudges, thrown down their weapons and picked up placards to fight for our future.

The Climate and Ecological crisis will affect us all, and the tiny Robot Rebellion protestors come from many backgrounds: cars, boats and planes, military and emergency vehicles, animals and insects.

This interactive installation invites you to identify a passionate cause in your life, and then create your own tiny protest sign for a robot to hold, using the craft materials provided.

Rise up and join us: add your voice and banner to the parade.