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SAFAR Festival: Heliopolis (Cert TBC)

Directed by: Djafar Gacem
Algeria/Arabic, French (English subtitles) (2021)
Friday 8 July 2022 5:30pm
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  • Peak Screenings (after 6pm) £10.50. Concessions £9
  • Off-Peak Screenings (before 6pm) £9. Concessions £8
  • Under 26s £5 all screenings

  • Cast
    Aziz Boukrouni, Mehdi Ramdani, Souhila Mallem

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    SAFAR Film Festival 2022


    1 hour and 56 minutes (No pre-show)

    Recommended Age:
    Advised certificate: 15

    Inspired by real events, this period drama traces the beginning of the tragic events of 8 May 1945 and the massacres of Sétif, Guelma and Kherrata in Algeria during French colonization. 

    In the city of Guelma, which was once called Heliopolis in ancient times, the daily life of an Algerian family takes its usual course. But on 8 May, 1945, the day the end of World War II was announced, demonstrations by the Algerian people against the French colonial power and for the country’s independence took place, and were bloodily suppressed by the French army and French settler militias. 

    A rarely explored topic in cinema, the official theatrical release in Algeria took place in May 2021 and sold out in most cities of the country. 


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