A man with a giant tortoise pointing at the sky

What the Tortoise Taught Us

CHANGE Festival 2021
Created by Flying Buttress
Saturday 6 November 2021 2pm - 5:45pm
Need to know

Tickets: Free, drop in

Zelda will be in the foyer at 2pm, 3.30pm & 5pm on Sat 6 Nov.

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Change Festival 2021

Recommended Age:
All ages

Come and meet Zelda in the foyer at Warwick Arts Centre. 

Zelda is the oldest and wisest giant puppet tortoise who plods along with her keeper, encouraging us all to just go a bit slower, take our time and consider our place in the world. 

All ages will be delighted by Zelda as she always seems to be hungry and can easily be swayed where food is concerned, or simply by a hug. Her human keeper has all the facts about this gentle giant, a true elder and knowledge keeper from the animal kingdom!