A body of water surrounded by trees

Wood (Cert TBC)

Directors: Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, Michaela Kirst & Ebba Sinzinger
Austria / German / Romania (2020) Partly subtitled
Sunday 7 November 2021 2:15pm
Screen Three
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  • Duration:

    1 hour 36 minutes

    Recommended Age:
    Advised certificate 12A

    Environmental spies infiltrate the global syndicate for illegal timber trading documenting a chain of illegal activities.

    Illegal logging is a global business worth billions. Alexander von Bismarck, descendant of the Iron Chancellor and head of the Environmental Investigation Agency in Washington D.C., successfully pursues the machinations of the timber mafia worldwide – with dyed hair, a concealed camera and covert sound recording equipment. His primary concern isn't to expose a scandalous situation, but rather to promote a change in the consciousness of politics and civil society and to bring about a new code of conduct for the global economy and consumers. WOOD is an environmental thriller that draws its tension from shameful everyday reality.


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    This screening is part of the UK Green Film Festival