A group of people dance together at Warwick Arts Centre.

Out of Whack: Our Second Term Beckons!

Thursday 3 February 2022

Out of Whack – the over-60s contemporary dance company - became resident at Warwick Arts Centre in 2021. Pippa Gratton has written a blog about her experience on the programme so far.

Wow, what a brilliant first term this over 60s contemporary dance company has enjoyed. Starting out as a group of twenty in October 2021 (nineteen ladies and one very brave gentleman) we had little idea of what to expect! However, even as we glanced around nervously, to see who else was as mad as we were, the atmosphere of warmth and excitement soon embraced the room; our love of dance had already banded us together.

Our welcoming founder, Sally Rew, soon made everyone feel at ease as we were introduced to our Dance Leader, the incomparable Molly Wright. With her understanding and wealth of experience, Molly quickly had us tentatively loosening up our questioning limbs and, as the music swelled and with her clear encouragement, we were soon moving around freely, heartened by a room full of broad smiles. 

Our numbers fluctuated over the following eight weeks, largely due to the inconsiderate virus which had little respect for our desire to dance. However, alongside improvements in flexibility and coordination, friendships soon developed, confidence grew in spades and ideas about how we could move forward started to develop. 

For many of us, Out of Whack has not only taught us how to move freely to music and to communicate with our bodies but to also understand and react to choreography. We not only work out our bodies but also our minds!

I know that many of us can’t wait for the second term to start in February with the inspirational Molly as our Dance Leader; she is indeed a special person. We are going to be thrilled if new prospective dancers in this very special age group join us and who knows, perhaps we could encourage more men to delight in this amazing medium of contemporary dance!

See you in February

Pippa Gratton (member)