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Lots of small canvases in patterns of three coloured with pastel geometric shapes by Rana Begum Rana Begum - No. 407, 388, 389, 390, 391, 419

Environmental Sustainability

We recognise that we are facing a climate change emergency and that the ambition to reduce emissions to net zero needs to be accelerated and achieved before 2030.

We are aware that through our activities, we influence the environment and contribute to climate change, and we believe that we have a responsibility to work to reduce this impact and minimise our contribution.

There are significant challenges for us in addressing these issues which will require us to tackle our patterns of creativity, consumption, and travel; however, we will continually seek ways to take positive action.

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to become leaders in our community for advancing environmental sustainability.
We aim to achieve our ambition by:

  • Being lean (use less), being clean (service systems), and being green (renewables)
  • Making ‘working sustainably’ at the heart of our planning for everything we do
  • Managing and reviewing our emissions (direct and indirect)
  • Measuring outcomes, recording results, and sharing best practise and lessons learnt with our peer group

In 2022-23 we will:

  • Develop and embed our environmental policy and action plan and create an organisation wide Green Team
  • Enable our teams to undertake a programme of training and development working with specialist consultants, leading artists and thinkers to enable everyone to be more sustainable
  • Curate a programming plan that includes work dedicated to environmental issues highlighting climate change to visual arts installations and high-level discussions with key protagonists
  • Run a programme of staff development sessions/days to help shape our ambitions and embed environmental training into our talent development programme (i.e. role modelling best practice, supporting peers to green their programmes, and embedding environmental training into our talent development and mentoring programme)
  • Review and align our plan with University of Warwick targets establishing a baseline and implementing measures to monitor progress towards our 2030 net zero emissions
  • Share our achievements and challenges and encourage staff and visitors to make a positive contribution to our ambitions