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Reflective pillars and a colourful polkadot wall, as part of the Rana Begum exhibition Credit: Rana Begum

Our Vision & Values

We believe the arts are a place we can all meet.

Find common ground 

We’re on a mission to make sure the extraordinary mix of arts we share is matched by the extraordinary mix of people who share it with us

Break a few eggs 

We’re passionate about the arts because we’ve felt how powerful they are. We want to get that amazing power out there into more people’s hands and hearts. 

To do that, we have to be brave. We have to be ready to do things differently. Knock down barriers, burst bubbles, question traditions, rework, reframe, reimagine, uncover,  unlock, unleash. If we really care about sharing the arts with more people, we have to stand up and be counted.

Go on journeys

Like all the best things in life, the journey is what counts. And everyone’s journey is different. We all come to the arts and to the meanings that matter to us from different places, at different times and in different ways. We’re here to inspire you to take more trips to new places, maybe for the first time. 

We know the arts we share are just the beginning. The experience you have before, during and after, the stories you tell and the memories you make are everything.