Family Sundays: Spring Season 2022

Friday 8 April 2022

Every Sunday in university term time, we welcome families to have fun and get creative with two artists-in residence!

The Spring Season, saw our Family Sunday sessions led by Natalie Zervou-Keruish and Genevieve Say. 


Natalie is an artist and researcher interested in sculpture and movement. Theatrical, tactile and playful, her work is conscious of the impact the human body has in relation to sculpture and space. Genevieve Say is an independent dance artist, performer, choreographer and movement director. Genevieve believes dance is fundamental to happy and healthy living; whether people are doing it themselves or watching it, Genevieve’s work is all about making it happen.

The sessions took place in the foyer area outside the Mead Gallery so there was lots of room to spread out and create! There was always the option to make something individually or to work on big artwork together.

Each session was different but both Natalie and Genevieve were exploring themes of colour, form, light and movement. The materials used through the weeks included: colourful cellophane and fabrics, wooden sticks and silver foil, torches and overhead projectors, and of course, our own bodies!

Once families had been introduced to the inspiration, processes and materials for the session, everyone was free to explore and create in their own way. It was brilliant to see how inventive children and young people can be, and how much fun they can have, when they are given the space and opportunity to follow their own ideas. 

Both Natalie and Genevieve took their inspiration from the Mead Gallery exhibition: Dappled Light by Rana Begum. Rana’s work included painting and sculptures and focused on light and colour. Her work is big, bold and was an absolute hit with audiences young and old.  The Mead Gallery will always be open during the sessions so you can pop in to see the current exhibition at any point during your visit and as many times as you like! 

As well as the Artist-in-Residence, there are also Arts Centre staff members on hand to welcome and help out. The sessions are always free, and you don’t need to book; just turn up and enjoy! 

If you want to bring snacks or a packed lunch, there’s plenty of space to eat in our newly refurbished foyer spaces. Our brand-new café, Benugo, is open now so you can buy hot drinks, meals, and snacks too. There are also plenty of toilets, baby changing areas and handy drinking-water points in the Arts Centre to make your visit as relaxed and comfortable as possible. 

Our Programme Coordinator, Mary Ryder, tells us about her experience of Family Sundays:

“I’ve got two girls under 7 and it’s a really lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, especially when the weather’s grotty! We’ve been to two sessions so far and we ended up staying for the whole afternoon.  The girls loved the interesting materials and being able to make and try out things that we wouldn’t normally do at home. What I liked best was the relaxed feel; having the space to spread out and the freedom to take our time. 

The girls also loved exploring the Mead Gallery and ran around looking at everything. It was great to see them able to crawl under the hanging sculptures so they could see them from below!”

Check our 'What's On' page to find out more about upcoming Family Sundays and family shows at Warwick Arts Centre.