A group of apprentices and volunteers walking up the steps to the Warwick Arts Centre Entrance

National Apprenticeship Week

Wednesday 5 February 2020

It’s National Apprenticeship Week from Mon 3 – Sun 9 Feb, so we took the opportunity to sit down with our newest apprentice, Ana Cortes-Crabtree, and share her story so far.

Warwick Arts Centre: Tell us about your apprenticeship.
Ana: I am the Events Assistant Apprentice, and I’m working with the Programming department here at Warwick Arts Centre. My role is assisting with events management, and seeing the process through from beginning to end. My apprenticeship with Warwick Arts Centre will last for 15 months, and I just started this week!

WAC: What made you choose to do an apprenticeship at Warwick Arts Centre?
Ana: Warwick Arts Centre is a world class venue, and being one of the largest multi-artform venues in the UK means there are so many incredible opportunities to work with a wide variety of people within the industry. Having an apprenticeship here is such an amazing opportunity for me to kick-start my career within the arts.

WAC: What are you looking forward to most about your apprenticeship?
Ana: Performing arts is a passion of mine; I’ve been involved in theatre and dance since a very young age and have always wanted to work within the arts. An events role here is the perfect way to combine my passion with a future career. I’m excited to be involved in the programming and managing of the events that take place here, learning how it all comes together and all the intricacies involved with the organisation of events and performances.

WAC: What would you like to do after you finish your apprenticeship?
Ana: Although I don’t have a specific job in mind, I know that I want to stay working within the arts after my apprenticeship. During my time here I will have the opportunity to work within different departments, learning a range of different skills, which will give me an idea of what I want to specialise in in the future. I’m hoping to get as much experience of events management with different artistic venues and companies as I can, and to see where it takes me.

We asked Paul Roberts, Operations Manager and one of the driving forces behind apprenticeships at Warwick Arts Centre, what it means to have apprentices in the business.
Paul: Developing apprenticeships has been a great experience for Warwick Arts Centre. We have been able to develop a tailored programme that suits the needs of the business, provide a range of exciting experiences and bespoke opportunities for each apprentice, and support the longer term skills growth of our sector. I would recommend having apprenticeships to any organisation.

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