Ressonate 2022 - Festival for the creative and curious ...

Resonate 2022: For the creative and the curious ...

Monday 21 March 2022

Gavin and Stacy's Ruth Jones, smelly bodily functions and some of the best stand-up comedians in the business are making their way to Warwick Arts Centre as part of the FREE Resonate Festival 2022 this April.

Celebrating and exploring ideas that resonate, the three-day extravaganza includes over 50 events and performances across the University of Warwick campus between Tuesday 19 - Thursday 21 April 2022. Bringing Coventry’s tenure as UK City of Culture towards its conclusion, the festival celebrates a full 12 months of roadshows from the University of Warwick’ Institute of Engagement.

Across three evenings, discover a varied programme encompassing the arts, sciences and humanities; performances, talks and public conversations, exhibitions, film screenings, walking tours, activities and so much more, generating a diverse festival for the creative and the curious across all our local communities.

And here at Warwick Arts Centre, we’re excited to be hosting a series of exciting events!

Tuesday 19 April 2022

Invisible Worlds: Humans and the Supernatural (6pm)
An exploration of historical beliefs about the supernatural that retells stories of otherworldly encounters through the captivating medium of shadow puppetry.
FREE / Book tickets (via Eventbrite)

An Evening With Ruth Jones (6.30pm)
Actress, screenwriter, producer and novelist Ruth Jones back to Warwick. Ruth did her undergraduate degree here in Theatre and Performance Studies and will be talking to us about her life and career, from co-writing and co-starring in the award-winning BBC sitcom Gavin & Stacey to her most recent success as a novelist, with her books Never Greener, Us Three and the forthcoming Love Untold.
FREE / Book tickets (via Eventbrite)

Roman Coventry and Music (7.30pm)
An entertaining and virtuosic show spanning centuries of musical traditions, acclaimed musicians Barnaby Brown and Stef Conner transport audiences back to the Roman-era and early-modern Coventry.
FREE / Book tickets (via Eventbrite)

Jaspreet Kaur - Brown Girl Like Me (9pm)
Award-winning spoken word artist, secondary school teacher, and now author, Jaspreet Kaur, has written a book that ‘Brown Girls’ across the world have been waiting for. It’s a book that will give women confidence, power, reassurance and permission to be the very best version of themselves that they WANT to be.
FREE / Book tickets (via Eventbrite)


Wednesday 20 April 2022

Stefan Gates - Fartology! (1pm)
Packed with spectacular science stunts, crazy games and some truly breath-taking audience interaction, this celebration of bodily functions makes complex science totally unforgettable.
FREE / Book tickets (via Eventbrite)

Resonate: A String, A Concert Hall, A Universe (2pm)
Explore what “resonate” and “resonance” mean from a musician and physicist’s point of view!
FREE / Book tickets (via Eventbrite)

James Campbell - The Funny Life of... (3.30pm)
It's time to stick a banana in each ear and blow your nose without using your hands. No it isn't that at all, actually. It's actually time to watch James Campbell's one man comedy show. For children over 6, their parents and anyone who likes comedy without the rude words.
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Chinese Culture in Words, Voices and Music (6pm)
Special concert introducing Chinese culture through beautiful music, poetry and songs, in both Chinese and English. With pianist/composer Yuanfan Yang.
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Lemn Sissay - My Name Is Why (6.30pm)
The acclaimed poet playwright, memoirist performer and broadcaster Lemn Sissay OBE discusses his autobiography, My Name Is Why.
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Resonate Comedy Night (9pm)
Featuring Ivo Graham, Fatiha El-Ghorri, Marlon Davis and Louise Young.
FREE / Book tickets (via Eventbrite)


Check out the full Resonate 2022 programme for details of all the events and activities taking place across the campus over the three days. Guests include crime writer Mark Billingham, adventurer Pip Stewart, physicist/ YouTuber Simon Clark, author Mike Gayle, politician turned writer/broadcaster Ed Balls, plus workshops, performances, and much more.