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Performers raving onstage

Callout for Participants

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Calling all LGBTQ+ movers, ravers and creators: come and join a creative workshop with grime artist Debris Stevenson and participate in a live performance of The Write to Rave at Warwick Arts Centre!

The Write to Rave is an ambitious new immersive theatre show currently being developed at Warwick Arts Centre about the political power of raving. Who has the right to rave, to dance and move freely? What is it to feel truly free in your own skin? It follows the journey of a group of humans trying their best to rave while the world tries its best to stop them.

We need a group of willing participants to come and see behind the scenes of an artistic rehearsal process and become active participants in the performance. You will be required for the full day on Friday 1 October from about 10am, through until the performance which runs from 6 - 6.45pm in the Studio Theatre at Warwick Arts Centre. You will learn more about the show and join a professional rehearsal, which will involve you performing movement and choreography. You do not need any prior experience of performing, just an interest in the themes of the show and willingness to participate.

More information here:

Debris Stevenson is a dyslexic writer, Grime poet, working-class academic, pansexual ex-Mormon and Bashment dancing social activist who explores the intersectional, unexpected and unjust - ideally whilst making you laugh and/or dance. Debris’ debut show, Poet in da Corner, premiered at The Royal Court in 2018, receiving 4-5 stars and seeing Debris nominated for an Emerging Talent of The Year Award (Evening Standard Theatre Awards).


If you’re interested, please email our producer Johanna: [javascript protected email address]. Please let us know if you have any accessibility requirements as we aim to ensure that everyone can participate in this opportunity.

Trigger warnings:
We will use strobe lighting, heavy bass – so bring earplugs if you have sensitive hearing – and there are references to homophobia and homophobic behaviour as part of the show

Deadline: 29th September