This_Is_Tomorrow is a three year Arts Council ‘seed funded’ programme led by Warwick Arts Centre, setting out to generate new artistic ideas through artist and academic collaborations.

Warwick Arts Centre is in the unique position of being located in one of the world’s leading academic research intensive universities on the one hand (the University of Warwick), and at the heart of a network of UK and international artists on the other. The aim is to explore and illuminate contemporary thinking and research about the human condition and key issues that face humanity and society across a range of science, social science and humanities subjects.

Now in its second year, residencies for This_Is_Tomorrow have consisted of retreats with the departments of Physics, Maths, Economics, Law, Warwick Business School, Warwick Manufacturing Group and Sociology. Artists participating have included playwrights Alecky Blythe and Rebecca Lenkiewicz, performance artists Chris Goode and Michelle Brown, choreographer Charlotte Vincent, composer Dan Jones, musician Robin Rimbaud and children’s theatre specialist Sue Buckmaster.

Matt Trueman (The Guardian) joined us for the 2013 residency:
“this_is_tomorrow was, hands down, the most challenging and charming week I have had in years. It was brow-bending in its ideas and heartwarming in its spirit. Sitting slightly astride the process, as someone documenting it by joining in, the week serves both parties rather brilliantly. The artists meet ideas and perspectives they wouldn’t otherwise encounter. In turn they ask questions and offer perspectives that the academics wouldn’t otherwise encounter. They also work like bumblebees, cross-pollinating between departments: ‘Oh, you should talk to physicist A or sociologist B.’ It doesn’t all connect – how could it? – but in those instances that it did, the result was an extraordinary current between both parties. It was a privilege to be involved.”
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