arturo di stefano.jpg

Arturo Di Stefano

Touring exhibition from Purdy Hicks Gallery, London

27 May – 1 Jul 1995

This exhibition featured landscape paintings and portraits made in oil pastels. It was accompanied by a catalogue with an essay by Christopher Lloyd. Lloyd writes

‘… for painters like Arturo Di Stefano, respect for traditional values in art – epitomised by the discipline of good drawing, knowledge of perspectival and colour theory and a sophisticated technique – offers a way forward as opposed to a cul-de-sac, because it provides the means – conceivably the only legitimate means – of expressing the new.’

Arturo Di Stefano writes

‘A painting is essentially a commemorative act that celebrates the sheer fact of existence intimately and communally. It is formed by energies, impulses and thoughts, some of whose origins are unknown even to the artist. During its creation the painting will elude the maker’s hand, escape his mind’s eye, confound his intentions.

‘The making of a painting is like a journey undertaken without a known destination. A painting can be a portal to memories and feelings that can change the way we view the world to the extent that we are able to see it anew.’