Rhapsodies in Black.jpg

Rhapsodies in Black: Art of the Harlem Renaissance

Organised by the Hayward Gallery in collaboration with The Corcoran Gallery, Washington DC

Sat 1 Nov – Sat 6 Dec 1997

As the Jazz Age dawned in the early 1920s, African-American artists, writers and musicians flocked to a little known part of Manhattan called Harlem. ‘The Mecca of the New Negro’ soon became home to a cultural revolution, the repercussions of which would be felt around the world. This multi-media presentation shows the rich cultural legacy of the Harlem Renaissance and includes photograph of Harlem society, jazz inspired paintings of night-clubs and street scenes, sculpture and film footage of the age.

The exhibition is divided into sections: Representing the New Negro; Another Modernism; Performance, Jazz and the Blues ‘Aesthetic’; The Cult of the Primitive; Africa: Inheritance and Seizure; Harlem as Haiti.

It has been devised and selected by Richard J Powell, Professor of Art and Art History at Duke University, North Carolina and David A Bailey, Co-Director of the African and Asian Visual Artists’ Archive at the University of East London and is presented in association with the Institute of International Visual Arts in London.

Antists include: Charles Alston, Richmond Barthe, Edward Burra, Miguel Covarrubias, Aaron Douglas, William Edmondson, Jacop Epstein, Walker Evans, Meta Vaux, Warrick Fuller, Palmer C Hayden, Malvina Hoffman, Langston Hughes, Malvin Gray Johnson, Sargent Claude Johnson, William H Johnson, Lois Mailou Jones, Jacob Lawrence, Man Ray, Edna Manley, Ronald C Moody, Archibald j Motley Jr, Winold Reiss, Richard S Roberts, Augusta Savage, Albert Alexander Smith, Doris Ulmann, James VanDerZee, Carl Van Vechten, James Lesegne Wells.

Films directed by Oscar Micheaux, Lutz Becker, Kenneth Macpherson, Richard Maurice, Jean Renoir, Marc Allegret, J. Elder Wills, Isaac Julien.